Monday, August 14
Rend Collective Concert

On Monday, August 14, The Dayton Fair is proud to present REND COLLECTIVE in concert!


A Little About The Band...

Rend Collective is a Northern Irish Christian folk rock worship band originating from Bangor, Northern Ireland. The current lineup consists of Gareth Gilkeson, Chris Llewellyn, Ali Gilkeson, Patrick Thompson, and Steve Mitchell. The band was established under the name of Rend Collective Experiment between 2002-2003 during a point which drummer Gareth Gilkeson described as "a bunch of us trying to figure out life. Before the formation, most of the members were part of the "Rend" young adults ministry at Bangor Elim Church to where Gilkeson preached and Llewellyn led worship." While the group comprises over 15 members, the band tours and records with 6 members. The remaining members are there for support and to encourage the band "spiritually, musically, and missionally.

The band's most recent album is called Good News.  The band, taking on the moniker “Purveyors of Good News,” are barreling down the road of authenticity, and simple old-fashioned Gospel.  Grown away from industry or formula, each song from Good News is deeply connected to the band’s roots in missional community - a group of people, or extended family, who are united through Christian community around a common service and witness to a particular neighborhood or network of relationships – much like the band themselves.

“There's a lot of bad news out there, but no matter what we have good news, and that good news has a name: Jesus Christ. Today there is nothing more powerful we can do in the darkness, in the bleakness, than proclaim the good news, than proclaim the gospel," says bandleader member Gareth Gilkeson.

With Good News, Rend Collective has chosen not to shy away from the brokenness and suffering in this world, but rather through music and lyrics that continue to push boundaries in the band’s own unique way, bring light to the darkness. This album is an invitation to all of us – to lament, to remember, and to share in the good news that belongs to all of us.