Swine Exhibitor Announcement

Dear Dayton Fair Swine Exhibitors, Livestock Sale Meat Processors, Haulers, and Dealers:

The Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture has implemented specific rules, regulations and recommendations with regard to the exhibiting of swine at fairs. These requirements have been put in place to protect our exhibitors’ swine and the health of our nation’s swine industry as a whole.
As of June 1, 2019, all market swine exhibited shall move directly to slaughter following an exhibition and may not be diverted to premises other than recognized slaughter establishment or livestock market. Dealers and haulers must keep record of all shipments and avoid commingling of
terminal exhibition swine with market swine. Conveyances must be cleaned and disinfected after hauling terminal exhibition market swine to slaughter or slaughter market.

  1. Before loading your swine for transport to the fair, your hauler/trailer must be thoroughly
  2. If you want to breed your gilt, LEAVE IT AT HOME.
  3. If you want to take your swine to an exhibit other than the Dayton Fair, LEAVE IT AT HOME.
  4. No swine may be self-hauled to a slaughter facility, licensed resale facility or home farm.
    ALL swine will be transported directly to slaughter or the licensed resale facility by that facility or their contracted hauler.
  5. Each load of hogs will be accompanied by a manifest which documents the animals present on each load and will be signed by a representative of our program, the driver, and the slaughter or resale facility, assuring that the animals on the manifest have been received at the final slaughter or resale destination. All hogs will travel directly to the slaughter or resale facility with no stops to on- or off-load hogs.
  6. Any swine that is offloaded on the fairgrounds must be sent to slaughter immediately following the Fair, regardless of whether it was sold in the livestock sale, privately sold or unsold. NO SWINE MAY LEAVE THE DAYTON FAIR TO RETURN TO A HOME FARM.

NOTE: Though our fair book lists swine check-in on Sunday, August 11, from 7 a.m. to 2 p.m.,

WE ARE REQUESTING THAT YOU ARRIVE AT THE FAIRGROUNDS with your swine between the hours of 7 a.m. and 11 a.m. Our veterinarian will be on-site to examine your animal at that

We recognize that these requirements will be hard felt by exhibitors who planned on holding gilts from the sale to breed, purchasing projects back, or further exhibiting these projects at other events. However, we have no choice but to comply with these recommendations for this year.

NOTE: All market swine offered for sale at the Dayton Fair Junior Livestock
Auction Sale on Thursday, August 15, 2019 and through the Carcass Show contest will be terminal. This simply means that we will track the animals to a processing facility to assure that they do not return to a swine operation. In doing so, we are protecting swine breeding herds’ health status. This IS NOT A REFLECTION of meat quality or safety towards exhibitors’ swine projects. It is simply a precaution being followed to assure the optimal health of the PA swine herd.


Larry Marshall, President
Dayton Fair Board